What Purpose Does a Wildlife Control Service Serve?

Wildlife can create a lot of issues for your house or property. Whether it is a skunk, squirrel, or mouse, these animals damage your property, make a mess, and risk causing severe injuries. You may think it’s impossible to get rid of them, but that’s why you need to work with professionals who have the equipment and experience to get the job done.

Do you need wildlife control in Ottawa? Here are some reasons to contact a wildlife control service.

Controlling Bird and Mammal Pests

Wild animals in your home or business are a massive inconvenience. Here is a partial list of problems caused by animals.

• Mess: animals are messy. They dig through your garbage and drag dirt all over your property.

• Stealing food: whether it is knocking over trash cans outside or nibbling the food in your cupboard, it is disgusting when pests get into your food.

• Damage: some animals will scratch, chew, or otherwise damage your property. This could lead to electrical problems or water leakage issues.

• Danger: large mammals, such as raccoons or wild cats, will attack you when you encounter them. Scratches or bites from animals are painful and often become infected.

• Disease: animals such as mice and rats are known for carrying diseases. Living close to these pests increases your chance of contracting dangerous viruses.

• Droppings: undomesticated animals could leave droppings anywhere in your house. Not only are these disgusting, but they are also potentially able to transmit disease.

These problems also only worsen over time, so it is essential to remove pests before they learn your property or have children.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Wild animals aren’t trying to make your life difficult. Most are just looking for something to eat and a warm, dry place to stay. While they can certainly be a nuisance, we believe it is best to treat the animals gently and use humane pest removal methods.

With a combination of sophisticated traps and technical know-how, it is possible to address most pest problems with minimal harm to the animals. Many animals that we capture are re-released into the wild, so they can go on to live their normal life. Releases are done far away from where the animal was captured to ensure they don’t return.

Pest Prevention

The best offense is a good defence when it comes to pest control. With proper precautions and prevention, it is possible to stop attracting pests to your property and significantly reduce the risk of animals getting into your building.

One essential step for reducing pests is repairing any holes in your building. Rodents like mice and squirrels can find their way into incredibly tiny holes. We also advise garbage and waste management to stop attracting raccoons and rodents. It is also possible to modify your home or business to be less hospitable to birds or small mammals.

If you are looking for pest control in Ottawa, we can provide these alterations quickly and at an affordable price.

Looking for Wildlife Control in Ottawa?

Finding professional wildlife control in Ottawa can be difficult. Go Pest Control offers mammal and bird wildlife control, and we have helped families and business owners all over the Ottawa region. Contact us to discuss your pest issues.

Know Why You Should Let the Professionals Remove Wild Animals


Animals are often categorized in two ways: the first is our pets. This can be the typical cats and dogs or the more exotic amphibians or birds. These are domesticated animals that we bring into our homes and love and spoil. The second category is wildlife. This may not be what we first think when we hear the word wildlife. In Urban settings in North America, you are not going to see lions and elephants. However, you may find skunks, mice, and rats. These wild animals can cause destruction and health risk to humans. This wildlife does not belong in your home, and you may need a professional to help with wildlife removal in Toronto.


A wild animal is defined as not being tamed or domesticated. It lives on its own without the help of people. A wild animal is responsible for its own shelter, food, and basic needs. Wild animals have basic instincts to protect themselves from what is deemed a threat. To wildlife, humans may be the threat that it feels like it needs to be protected from, and it will injure or even kill humans out of basic instinct. When looking at wildlife removal, it is important to hire professionals to protect you and the animals.

Large wild animals, such as coyotes, are known to be dangerous, but people forget how dangerous smaller animals, such as raccoons and rats, can be. Even smaller animals can scratch and bite and cause injury. Also, if capturing the animal incorrectly, you could hurt them, causing them not only injury, but also humane euthenization.  

Humane capture:

For many creatures, wildlife removal is not extermination. Wildlife, such as skunks, raccoons, and birds need to be located on the property and then removed to prevent further damage. It is during this stage that those trying to do it themselves can injure or kill wildlife unnecessarily. Wildlife removal should be compassionate and humane.

Preventative Measures:

Wildlife seems to get into places that we can’t imagine how they do it, through cracks and small holes, and even pipes and crevasses. Wild animals are not dumb creatures, they know how to get what they need to survive no matter the obstacle. Also, like domesticated animals, they are often able to find their way back to a home or yard where they were removed from. Professional wildlife removal in Toronto can help ensure that these creatures do not return to your home.

Conclusion: finding the best wildlife removal in Toronto

Hiring professional wildlife removal in Toronto, should give you a peace of mind. Wildlife does not belong in your home and needs to be removed. Doing it properly means safety for you and the animals, and that your belongings are protected now and in the future. For more information about wildlife removal in Toronto, Contact us.

When & Why You Should Call a Wildlife Removal Company?

Wildlife is beautiful to look at. Some people take safaris to see wild animals and experience animals in their own habitat. Things are different when this wildlife comes into your home and wants to cohabitate with you. There are reasons that you may need to hire a company for wildlife removal in Toronto.

Removing rodents

Nature, even in the city has some beautiful creatures that are admired from afar. However, these are still wild animals, and they should not be in your home. Racoons are often cast as characters in movies and cartoons because of their masked faces. They appear to be humble and mischievous at the same time. It is this mischievousness that makes a rodent like the racoon a reason to call a company for wildlife removal. Racoons can be very destructive. More than just getting into your garbage cans and strewing trash around your yard, racoons can get into your chimney, the roof, and anywhere else it needs to in order to get a roof over its head.

Mice are another rodent that is known for causing many issues in and around your house. Mice tend to come to areas where people reside because there is food for them to eat, especially in the winter time. There is warmth and shelter to protect them. Mice stealing food is the least of the worries that comes with having them in your home, though. They are also known to chew through packages and urinate through the home, wrecking anything that comes in its path. Mice also have a habit of gnawing, and they can gnaw through cords and wires, causing fires in your home. Often, this damage occurs behind the wall, where it is not easily seen.

Although rodents are very destructive in their behavior, sometimes causing thousands of dollars-worth of damage or even total destruction of your home, there is another concern. Rodents often carry diseases on them or in their feces. Mice and racoons are often in unclean places, and they can carry diseases on their bodies, such as salmonellosis, that can be spread as they run through your home and touch various objects. When people touch these objects or are in contact with their urine or excretion, it can make them extremely ill.

Removing mammals with wildlife removal in Toronto

Squirrels and chipmunks are cute and often not thought of as pests. In fact, we look at these mammals as entertaining, watching them gather nuts and stuff their faces; however, you may still require help with wildlife removal in Toronto when they are around. Mammals give birth to live babies, and they often look for safe, warm places to give birth where predators can not get to them. Their search can lead them into attics and the walls of homes, where they can be destructive as they work to build their own homes. They can chew walls and cords and destroy whatever is in their path. Mammals breed at a fast rate, and this reproduction can lead to more damage in the home. Mammals also are known to store food during their hibernation period, and this storage and reaping of food can also lead to damage in the home—as well as to produce and crops. Click here for more information.

Health Risks of Wildlife Invasions in Homes

As urban sprawl becomes more common, wildlife areas are shrinking, and more wildlife are coming into the cities. This migration of wildlife can cause a health risk in our homes. There is a need for wildlife control in Ottawa. Wildlife coming into the city includes a mixture of larger animals, such as moose and coyotes, as well as smaller animals and rodents, like skunks. There are also species of birds and bats that are moving into cities like Ottawa that cause health concerns.

What is wildlife control?

Wildlife control in Ottawa refers to the process of removing or controlling wild animals and insects that interfere with your life or damage your property. These animals and insects can place your family and loved ones at risk. They can also pose a significant health risk to people. These health risks don’t just include the physical injury that wildlife can cause, such as bites and broken bones, but also other health concerns, like illnesses they may carry or flea and tick infestations they might introduce to our homes, loved ones, pets, and even to the local wildlife we do want around.

The wildlife you don’t suspect

There are some animals that look so cute you don’t think that there is any reason to fear them being in our homes, but there needs to be Wildlife control in Ottawa for your own safety. There are various movies and commercials about racoons, and they appear to be cute and harmless, but there are health concerns with them having human contact. People often think of rabies with rodents and varmints. This is a health risk, but there are other health risks that are often overlooked. Racoons are carriers of other diseases, such as roundworms and salmonella. Roundworm can be transmitted through parasite eggs that are carried by racoons; this disease can damage the nervous system and damage the eyes and brain. Salmonella is a disease that many people have heard of; there have been many recalls of food because of possible salmonella poisoning. Racoons are one creature that can contaminate food with salmonella, putting people at risk of getting sick or dying. There are many other animals that bring these diseases to people as well, such as squirrels.


Another reason we need Wildlife control in Ottawa is the increase in new species of birds and bats coming into our homes. Birds are beautiful creatures that should be admired, but not all birds should be around us. There are pet birds and common birds that are already adapted into our habitat, such as pigeons and seagulls. With new ones coming in, there is an increase in health risks. When new species come into our habitat, there are new funguses and diseases that can come with them. One of these is histoplasmosis, which can occur when someone inhales the spores of fungus from bird droppings. This can cause the body to have chest pains, difficulty breathing, and mouth sores.

Wildlife control in Ottawa is not just for animals and birds that carry diseases, but also to ensure that animals, such as skunks and coyotes, that can cause damage to households and urban areas are removed. This damage places people at risk of being hurt.

There will always be human and animal interaction. This world was made for all humans and animals, but there needs to be Wildlife control in Ottawa for all our safety. For more information click here.

Five Things You Need to Know About Wildlife Removal

Toronto is a major urban centre, but anyone who lives here can tell you that it is teeming with wildlife. From common pests to larger animals, many people experience unwanted guests in their homes and properties. If you have a problem with animals on your property or in your home, then you will need wildlife removal in Toronto. Before you start, however, here are five key things to know about pest control and wildlife removal for the area, and why you should call in the professionals to help.

1. It Can Be Dangerous

Between diseases and aggressive behaviour, wildlife removal in Toronto can be very dangerous. This is the primary reason why people contact professionals. If you have an animal problem, then be sure to contact those who understand the risks and can remove the animal safely.

2. They can Come Back If Removed Improperly

Many animals end up in Toronto through sheer confusion. They often get spooked near traffic and find themselves accidentally running into more populated areas, where they can panic and cause damage. They can also purposefully enter populated areas looking for food and shelter. In these instances, simply removing them is insufficient because they will come back. Experts at wildlife removal in Toronto understand how to remove wildlife and ensure they don’t come back, dealing with the problem once and for all.

3. There are Humane Removal Methods

While wildlife removal in Toronto does unfortunately require termination of the animal, there are actually many ways to remove them without harming them. These always require an experienced team who understand how to subdue and relocate the animal or animals.

4. Doing it Yourself Can Be Expensive

Since wildlife removal in Toronto is dangerous, many people opt for professional help. For those who still think they can do it on their own, they often decide not to based solely on the expense. Between the equipment necessary, the effort, and the potential fines that can come when done improperly, wildlife removal can get very expensive very quickly. Going with experienced professionals is always cheaper than doing it yourself.

5. There are Many Laws to Consider

While we are entitled to own and manage our own properties, wildlife removal in Toronto is not a free-for-all. In fact, there are many laws, regulations and bylaws that govern what you can and cannot do when an animal is causing a problem on your property. Chief among these laws is the safe removal of these animals and the protection of species that are protected. If you do not know every law about wildlife removal, then you need to contact the professionals for help.

Whether it’s a raccoon, a nest of bats, or something else entirely, wildlife removal in Toronto is something that needs to be done safely and properly. Go! Pest Control has been safely removing animals from people’s properties for years. No matter your pest or animal problem, we have an experienced team that can safely eradicate the problem and ensure that they do not return.

Wildlife Control – How to Choose the Right Company for Your Needs

Wildlife control in Ottawa can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Choosing the right pest control company for your needs will help you rest assured that the problem is in good hands. But how should you choose a wildlife control service? There are several key factors to consider about any prospective pest control company, so let’s take a look at some of the most important things for you to think about.

Licensed and Certified

The first thing you should do when considering a wildlife control service is ensure that they have the correct licensing and certifications. This is an absolute must if you don’t want legal trouble because there are regulations at different levels of government that all must be followed for wildlife control and conservation. Hiring a licensed and certified company ensures that they understand the legal requirements as well as the knowledge requirements of wildlife control in Ottawa, and this helps you to rest assured that the job will be done properly.


However, not all licensed companies are built the same. You also want to find a company that has a good deal of experience under its belt. Every company has to start somewhere, but you probably don’t want to be the guinea pig that suffers from trial-and-error approaches, right? Look for a company that has been doing wildlife control in Ottawa for at least a few years, and keep an eye out for any awards they might have received, too.

Repairs & Maintenance

Wildlife control in Ottawa can lead to unavoidable structural damages, some of which are already caused by the animals and some of which are required to reach them. You’re going to want some assurances that your property will be restored to normal function, and a lot of pest control services offer this in addition to wildlife removal. Check out a prospective company and see if they offer repairs and maintenance, or if they outsource to another certified repair company, because this can save you time and money.

Humane Treatment

Wildlife control in Ottawa should be a humane process. It’s not the animals’ fault that they thought your property made an excellent home, and you won’t want to see them unnecessarily harmed for it. Look for a quality wildlife control service that offers safe removal and relocation rather than extermination, especially when you’re dealing with a species that’s protected or endangered.

Customer Satisfaction

When hiring a company for wildlife control in Ottawa, it is essential to check customer satisfaction. Do they have positive reviews, testimonials, or references you can call? If yes, they might be a great company to work with! If not, that can be a serious red flag. Any company without customer feedback available is either extremely new or hiding something, so it’s best to stay away.

Get a Quote

You should also make sure you get a quote from every company you’re considering. Wildlife control in Ottawa can vary in price depending on the service, and comparing companies before you choose is an excellent way to save money. While not all services are made alike, and it’s probably not wise to pay an absurdly low price to a sketchy company, staying within your budget is always a good choice. Quotes are generally free, and most credible services are happy to offer them within a short timeframe.

Overall, there are plenty of factors to consider before hiring a service for wildlife control in Ottawa. From certifications to price comparisons, you deserve the wildlife control service that best suits your needs. Visit our website for more details.

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