Bed Bug Exterminator: When’s it Time to Call One

Bed bugs are one of those insistent infestations that can be just a whole heap of trouble to try to get rid of. There are a lot of things you can do to get rid of bed bugs, and DIY solutions can be found all over the internet for preventions or small outbreaks, but when it comes to full infestations, it is always best to call in the experts for bed bugs extermination in Toronto. Go Pest Control has a reputation of quick and affordable bed bug extermination, but if you aren’t sure when you should call, then check out these helpful hints below.

When Bed Bug Symptoms Get Worse

Like any home infestation by a vermin, critter, or bug, bed bugs start out small. You may notice a couple of them, or feel them during your night’s sleep, and once noticed you can start your DIY home method of getting rid of them. However, if your DIY method doesn’t work, that almost always leads to bed bug symptoms getting worse, and the number of them skyrocketing eventually. So, if your DIY solution doesn’t work quickly, then it’s time that you call your local professional bed bugs extermination in Toronto.

When Bed Bugs are Visible in Large Numbers

Building on the previous hint, if the number of bed bugs in your home is great enough that you can see them easily, then you have a big problem. Bed bugs can spread through a home, and to other people’s homes that you frequent, easily. That means once you start to see bed bugs in large numbers, it’s time to immediately call a professional for bed bugs extermination in Toronto. Eliminating bed bugs is important, and the faster you can do it, the less they will be able to spread in your home, or neighbours and friends’ homes.

When Bed Bugs Spread Out

Dealing with bed bugs in a single area of your home can be manageable if they have been caught early in the infestation. However, when the bed bugs start to be noticed in other areas of a home or in clothing and rugs, then it’s definitely time to hang up the home remedy and pick up the phone. Professional exterminators being called in is a must if your whole home is infested because only their methods are going to be able to get them all, whether it’s through chemical or non-chemical means.

When Re-Infestations Occur

Bed bugs can be eradicated through DIY methods or through professional means, but if you keep having re-infestations, it’s time to call in a tried and true professional for bed bugs extermination in Toronto. With a trusted exterminator, not only will they consult with you first, but they will assess the infestation, plan for the best means of extermination, and follow up afterward to ensure the infestation is truly exterminated, so you don’t have re-infestation issues in the future.

If you are having issues with bed bugs in the Toronto region, then it’s time to call in the professionals best at bed bugs extermination. GO! Pest Control is just a call away, so call today for a consultation for your infestation, and we will work with you to determine the best plan of action, and how to prevent future re-infestations.

Signs that Your House May Need Exterminated

Our homes are our safe space. Unfortunately, they can also become safe havens for unwanted pests of all shapes and sizes. It’s for this reason that the people of Ottawa should always have a professional exterminator in their contact list. How do you know when it’s time to call an exterminator in Ottawa? Here are a few of the major signs for Ottawa’s most common pests that will tell you it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Sign #1: Itchy spots and rusty stains

Did you know that Ottawa has become one of the worst places in Canada for bed bugs? These critters have become more and more common and once your home has them, you need to take drastic action to get them removed.

You’ll know you have bed bugs if you wake up with red, itchy bites on your body. You’ll also notice red, rusty stains on your sheets and pillowcases. In extreme cases, a musty smell may begin to present itself. If you have any of these signs, it’s time to call an exterminator in Ottawa. If you are unsure, but suspect them, a good trick is to set an alarm in the middle of the night (2am) and then flick on the lights and check your bedding. Bed bugs come out at night to feed and are drawn to carbon dioxide.

Your exterminator in Ottawa can help you get rid of bedbugs quickly and effectively, whether you live in a single-family home or own a building. Since these bugs are unfortunately common in the area, they have lots of experience getting rid of them.

Sign #2: Your attic sounds haunted

Anyone living in Ontario knows that raccoons can quickly become a problem, especially in major metropolitan areas. Getting rid of raccoons can be tricky. Knowing you have one, however, can be a little spooky.

First, racoons love to live in people’s attics, which means you can start to hear noises coming from above. Your electrical may also be affected as they start to chew their way through your roof and electrical systems, which can cause lighting to flicker. Melted patches of snow in the winter and moisture stains on your ceiling are also signs that you may have raccoon roommates, and that you need to call for an exterminator in Ottawa.

Sign #3: Sawdust and hollow sounds

Termites aren’t the only insects that love wood. In this area in particular, carpenter ants also love to eat through wooden beams, baseboards and more. If you don’t see ants, you may find sawdust and hear hollow sounds in wooden beams. These are the most common signs that you have an ant problem and need to call in a professional exterminator.

Your Choice for an Exterminator in Ottawa

If you have any of the above signs, then you likely have a pest problem in your home. That means it’s time to pick up the phone and call GO! Pest Control, your choice for a professional exterminator in Ottawa. We are here to help remove or exterminate the pests taking over your life and help you prevent getting them again in the future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you get your home back to being a safe and comfortable place for you and your family.

What are the Best Ways to Exterminate Bed Bugs?

What’s the problem with bed bugs?

Bed bugs sound like a dystopian nightmare; they are tiny, hard-shelled pests that feed on blood. The female can lay more than 200 eggs – and those eggs will hatch within two weeks. Once bed bugs move in, they get out of control – fast.

You don’t want to share a room with these tiny bloodsuckers. Health risks include allergic reactions to the bites, and those reactions can lead (in rare cases) to anaphylaxis. Even if you are not allergic, waking up with a rash of tiny red marks is just plain annoying in the least. It can also lead to skin infections and mental health breakdowns. Reports of anxiety and insomnia are not uncommon among those living with bed bugs.

Are bed bugs a problem in Ottawa?

Yes. Out of the top 10 cities struggling with bed bugs in Canada, Ottawa ranks fifth. These tiny terrors don’t discriminate. In Ottawa, bed bugs have been found in residential homes, commercial businesses, hotel rooms, and even patriotically in two government buildings.

Bed bugs extermination in Ottawa

The best way to take care of bed bugs extermination in Ottawa is to call the professionals. Bed bugs move fast. Go! Pest Control™ moves faster. We swoop in with a two-treatment plan that eradicates the initial bugs on site; then, four weeks later, we return to wipe out any bugs that hid from our first pass, and any new bugs that hatched during that time.

Why do I need professional bed bugs extermination in Ottawa?

You can kill bed bugs on your own, but they will keep coming back. Bed bugs have a very tough outer shell that makes it difficult to crush them, and for many off-the-shelf sprays to penetrate. If you find bed bugs in your home, you cannot find an EPA approved spray for residential use. The sprays from the store that promise to be effective on bed bugs cause skin, eye, and nerve damage.

Additionally, you may think you got all the bugs on your own by using a spray, ventilating the area, and leaving the site for a couple days. Chances are, you have transferred those bugs to other areas because they (and their eggs) are also in your clothes and personal belongings. Without professional bed bugs extermination in Ottawa, you will face those bugs again, and again and again.

The best bed bugs extermination in Ottawa

Got bed bugs? Call Go! Pest Control™. We are the best bed bugs extermination service in Ottawa, thanks to our 50 years of combined experience in pest control; our licensed and bonded technicians; our discreet approach that never embarrasses our clients; and our consultation, treatment, and follow up methodology that has worked for more than 18,000 clients across the Toronto GTA.

Why Hire an Exterminator for Your Pest Problems?

When pests invade, you may be tempted to grab a can of bug spray or a humane trap (for larger pests) from the nearest store. What you should be doing instead is calling an exterminator in Toronto. Let’s take a look at why an exterminator is the better choice.

When pests arrive, there is a reason

Seeing mice, cockroaches, or ants in your home or business all of a sudden? Just spraying down the area isn’t going to work. Those pests are coming from somewhere, and unless you identify how they are getting in, or why they are being attracted to your location, they will keep coming back. Go! Pest Control™ is the exterminator in Toronto that gets the job done right the first time. We don’t just get rid of the insects, mice, birds, rodents, and other pests; we tackle the problem from the source.

Protecting people

Pest sprays are toxic to insects and bugs and therefore pose a small threat to humans. Wildly spraying down a work area on your own is never a good idea. It may put a temporary fix on the problem, but then you, your family, or your co-workers are left with the lingering VOCs. This is why we, the best exterminator in Toronto, come prepared with PPE, the right solution for the type of pest, and vast knowledge of how to quickly and safely take care of the problem with the least impact on the people involved.

Additionally, some pests, like wasps, need to be handled with extreme care. We have the equipment to take care of wasps and their nests without causing swarming or threats of stings to the people nearby.

We care about animals

There are times when extermination is the only option. There is no reason to relocate bed bugs; but other threats, like wildlife and birds, can be safely and effectively diverted. As an exterminator in Toronto, we have diverted starling flocks from overrunning farms; pigeons and their droppings from messing up shopping districts; and we’ve humanely returned bats, racoons, and squirrels safely to the wild.


Go! Pest Control™ knows it can be embarrassing to have a pest problem. Usually, it is not the fault of the property owner. Animals and insects like warm, indoor spaces and easy access to food as much as humans do! However, pests are more than annoying. They can be dangerous. Don’t feel embarrassed. Call Go! Pest Control™ in complete confidence. We arrive discreetly in unmarked vans and quietly take care of the problem, for good. Our long-term solutions, follow-up monitoring, and insured services give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Find out why we are the best exterminator in Toronto

Go! Pest Control™ has more than 50 years of combined experience and has exterminated or relocated over 1 million pests. Click here to see how we can help you today.

The Value of Pest Control in the Restaurant Industry

The City of Toronto runs a website called “DineSafe,” which is available on the city’s website. The program offers anyone a chance to search for local restaurants and see their status, whether they have passed, conditionally passed, or been shut down for their health code compliance (or lack thereof).

DineSafe is an important tool for people who want to know if the restaurants they visit are in compliance. It’s also a potential death knell for any restauranteur who doesn’t take health code violations, and pest control in Toronto in particular, seriously.

What Happens when Pests are Discovered in a Restaurant

Similar programs exist throughout Ontario and can be the difference between a restaurant that survives or closes. In Hamilton a few years ago, a restaurant on the city’s popular Locke St. was shut down for pest issues, which was reported by the local paper. The restaurant itself attempted to say that the report was lying in a response on social media. Immediately underneath, someone posted a screen grab of the city’s DineSafe equivalent. The restaurant briefly reopened after bringing itself up to code, but ultimately shut down amongst the scandal.

This story, which has happened to Toronto restaurants as well, is a testament to the importance of pest control in Toronto, particularly for restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry. It’s no secret that the industry has faced significant hardship since early 2020, from shutdowns to staff shortages. Now, the ability to be successful has narrowed even further. Besides innovating new ways to meet your customers, you need to ensure they feel safe and comfortable engaging with your restaurant. And that means proper pest control.

Proactive & Reactive Pest Control for Restaurants

Broadly speaking, pest control for restaurants can be divided into two categories: proactive and reactive. Proactive pest control includes setting up traps beforehand, scheduling regular pest inspections with a professional, and implementing cleaning and maintenance policies that reduce the chances of pests coming into your establishment.

Reactive pest control is likely what you think about when it comes to pest control: removal and extermination of pests. This is to address problems that already exist, and it must be performed by experts to ensure the job is done properly and within local regulations.

GO! Pest Control approaches pest control for commercial sites with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service that is both proactive and reactive. We work with our clients to create a plan that reduces the chances of pests getting in, that regularly surveys the area for potential pest issues, and that also removes any that might get through. It’s the best way to manage pest control in Toronto, and one that gets results.

Where to Go for Pest Control in Toronto

If you own a restaurant in Toronto, then you need to take a proactive approach to pest control. Too often, restaurants think regular cleaning will be enough to stop pests from entering. This, however, can often not be enough. You will need a relationship with experts in pest control in Toronto. You need the help of GO! Pest Control. Our team of pest experts works directly with you to set up regular inspections and pest control strategies to ensure you don’t have unwanted guests in your kitchen.

What Purpose Does a Wildlife Control Service Serve?

Wildlife can create a lot of issues for your house or property. Whether it is a skunk, squirrel, or mouse, these animals damage your property, make a mess, and risk causing severe injuries. You may think it’s impossible to get rid of them, but that’s why you need to work with professionals who have the equipment and experience to get the job done.

Do you need wildlife control in Ottawa? Here are some reasons to contact a wildlife control service.

Controlling Bird and Mammal Pests

Wild animals in your home or business are a massive inconvenience. Here is a partial list of problems caused by animals.

• Mess: animals are messy. They dig through your garbage and drag dirt all over your property.

• Stealing food: whether it is knocking over trash cans outside or nibbling the food in your cupboard, it is disgusting when pests get into your food.

• Damage: some animals will scratch, chew, or otherwise damage your property. This could lead to electrical problems or water leakage issues.

• Danger: large mammals, such as raccoons or wild cats, will attack you when you encounter them. Scratches or bites from animals are painful and often become infected.

• Disease: animals such as mice and rats are known for carrying diseases. Living close to these pests increases your chance of contracting dangerous viruses.

• Droppings: undomesticated animals could leave droppings anywhere in your house. Not only are these disgusting, but they are also potentially able to transmit disease.

These problems also only worsen over time, so it is essential to remove pests before they learn your property or have children.

Humane Wildlife Removal

Wild animals aren’t trying to make your life difficult. Most are just looking for something to eat and a warm, dry place to stay. While they can certainly be a nuisance, we believe it is best to treat the animals gently and use humane pest removal methods.

With a combination of sophisticated traps and technical know-how, it is possible to address most pest problems with minimal harm to the animals. Many animals that we capture are re-released into the wild, so they can go on to live their normal life. Releases are done far away from where the animal was captured to ensure they don’t return.

Pest Prevention

The best offense is a good defence when it comes to pest control. With proper precautions and prevention, it is possible to stop attracting pests to your property and significantly reduce the risk of animals getting into your building.

One essential step for reducing pests is repairing any holes in your building. Rodents like mice and squirrels can find their way into incredibly tiny holes. We also advise garbage and waste management to stop attracting raccoons and rodents. It is also possible to modify your home or business to be less hospitable to birds or small mammals.

If you are looking for pest control in Ottawa, we can provide these alterations quickly and at an affordable price.

Looking for Wildlife Control in Ottawa?

Finding professional wildlife control in Ottawa can be difficult. Go Pest Control offers mammal and bird wildlife control, and we have helped families and business owners all over the Ottawa region. Contact us to discuss your pest issues.

Why are Pest Control Services a True Necessity?

Just because Torontonians thrive in the luxuries of big city living doesn’t mean the pests we associate with country living and cottages at the lake shouldn’t be a concern. Bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats: all of these pests can threaten the safety of Toronto homes and businesses at any time of year. Especially as we move into fall, pests will be looking to burrow into indoor spaces, seeking warmer temperatures and hosts to feed off as they prepare for winter. As much as it makes us squirm to think about, when it comes to pests, a proactive solution is the best solution. That means being ready when an infestation strikes, from a single mouse to a persisting stream of cockroaches, with the best pest control in Toronto.

We suggest that having a trusted pest control service provider already within your contacts can help you solve any pest issue before it exacerbates—and it lends peace of mind when you lay your head on your (pest-free!) pillow at night.

This advice goes double for commercial property owners and managers, where late reactions can add legal and other ramifications. Keeping Go Pest Control in your contacts will ensure you’re armed and ready for any pest invasion. Need more convincing? Here are a few key concerns we’ve seen over the years we’ve served our fellow Torontonian home and business owners.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

When the bed bugs bite, you need to call Go Pest Control in Toronto, and ASAP. All too commonly, we’ve seen bed bug infestations continue to torture residential properties and complexes around our city. Given the high percentage of urban buildings here that see people living in close quarters, including common spaces and amenities such as laundry facilities, we’ve witnessed several easily preventable bed bug infestation outbreaks even in the most modern of buildings. Our expert technicians have the proper training to handle any bed bug scenario, from the individual detached home to congested commercial rental complex infestations. Both of these, when left untreated, can lead to recurring outbreaks.

When Go Pest Control professionals fight back, we treat all your linens, upholstery, mattresses, and any other potentially infected surfaces from the roots of the problem up. We’re also happy to educate our clients on the preventative measures they can take going forward to stay on top of pest control in Toronto.   

Don’t let the cockroaches approach

There’s something special about our city when the nostalgia of older buildings meets the future in more modern structures. Unfortunately, our humid climate conditions can mean dampness has settled into our interior walls. This is a warm invitation for cockroaches to thrive and grow their populations, making pest control challenging. Commercially, this likely means the pulling of business licenses. Residentially, dwellers become vulnerable to diseases, including typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, and just plain being scared and grossed out. Go Pest Control Service’s expert technicians exterminate this problem fast, and we can safeguard the home or business for the future should cockroaches even think of approaching the property.

Don’t let mice and rats rule

The damage done when mice or rats move into an indoor space only multiplies, and fast, when left untreated. Not only will they damage the space’s interior décor and contents, buy they’ll also be after your food storage while doing massive damage to electronic wiring that’s expensive to repair. As they travel through the HVAC system and it’s ducts, the contaminants in their feces are spread into the lungs of all inhabitants and guests of the building. This is not a DIY situation, and it can quickly get out of control. The sooner you call Go Pest Control in Toronto, the better off you’ll be to salvage the space and its contents, as well as your peace of mind that everyone using the building is safe.

The best pest control in Toronto

When it comes to pest and rodent removal, we’ve got the equipment, products, and expertise to exterminate any unwelcome visitors – besides your in-laws that is. We get the job done right, faster, and more efficiently so you can get on with life or back to business. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can check out your situation with our free consultation. Click here to learn more.

Know Why You Should Let the Professionals Remove Wild Animals


Animals are often categorized in two ways: the first is our pets. This can be the typical cats and dogs or the more exotic amphibians or birds. These are domesticated animals that we bring into our homes and love and spoil. The second category is wildlife. This may not be what we first think when we hear the word wildlife. In Urban settings in North America, you are not going to see lions and elephants. However, you may find skunks, mice, and rats. These wild animals can cause destruction and health risk to humans. This wildlife does not belong in your home, and you may need a professional to help with wildlife removal in Toronto.


A wild animal is defined as not being tamed or domesticated. It lives on its own without the help of people. A wild animal is responsible for its own shelter, food, and basic needs. Wild animals have basic instincts to protect themselves from what is deemed a threat. To wildlife, humans may be the threat that it feels like it needs to be protected from, and it will injure or even kill humans out of basic instinct. When looking at wildlife removal, it is important to hire professionals to protect you and the animals.

Large wild animals, such as coyotes, are known to be dangerous, but people forget how dangerous smaller animals, such as raccoons and rats, can be. Even smaller animals can scratch and bite and cause injury. Also, if capturing the animal incorrectly, you could hurt them, causing them not only injury, but also humane euthenization.  

Humane capture:

For many creatures, wildlife removal is not extermination. Wildlife, such as skunks, raccoons, and birds need to be located on the property and then removed to prevent further damage. It is during this stage that those trying to do it themselves can injure or kill wildlife unnecessarily. Wildlife removal should be compassionate and humane.

Preventative Measures:

Wildlife seems to get into places that we can’t imagine how they do it, through cracks and small holes, and even pipes and crevasses. Wild animals are not dumb creatures, they know how to get what they need to survive no matter the obstacle. Also, like domesticated animals, they are often able to find their way back to a home or yard where they were removed from. Professional wildlife removal in Toronto can help ensure that these creatures do not return to your home.

Conclusion: finding the best wildlife removal in Toronto

Hiring professional wildlife removal in Toronto, should give you a peace of mind. Wildlife does not belong in your home and needs to be removed. Doing it properly means safety for you and the animals, and that your belongings are protected now and in the future. For more information about wildlife removal in Toronto, Contact us.

GO! Pest Control Ottawa Ants


Ant removal Ottawa, Pest control Ottawa, Rodent removal Ottawa, ant exterminator Ottawa

For anyone who owns a home in Ottawa, it’s likely that you will at one stage need to combat an ant infestation. Ants might look harmless, and their ability to work as a massive community is indeed impressive. However, it’s that immense capacity for teamwork that can make the need for pest control in Ottawa so necessary. Left to their own devices, ants can cause a lot more problems for you than you might realize at first.

Ants group together in large colonies under their queen, with the potential for as many as 1 million members. While your home is unlikely to be harbouring a colony of such scale, large ant infestations are sadly common. At GO! Pest Control, we help to handle this problem once and for all, delivering a solution that brings about an end to this particular problem.

Usually hard to find alone in their nest despite their scale, we can offer you the help that you need. As a proven ant exterminator Ottawa home owners and businesses can rely upon us to find a proven solution to bring about an end to your ant related nightmare.

Ant Removal Ottawa: What Can We Do?

Typically, ants are a major blight on a household. We can help you to get the help that you need to find out where the ants are coming from, the kind of ants you are dealing with and, crucially, the easiest way to solve that problem without long-lasting negative effects.

From helping you to put in place a future prevention program to removing an infestation with force, we’ll find all manner of ways to help get rid of an infestation. Ants can cause pretty major structural damage in a home if left to their own devices, and could threaten the integrity of your home itself.

From making sure that we clean up all sources of water leaks and crumbs, we can reduce the ants’ food and water supply. Often, the best source of victory against the ants is to use siege tactics; to remove their avenues to survive, forcing them to either move on or face the consequences.

For more help in caring for your home, then, we can step in and deliver the kind of ant extermination Ottawa residents will be looking for. Don’t let an ant damage put your home under threat: contact GO! Pest Control today to organize a proven solution.

There’s no need to have to put up with an ant infestation in your home. A smart cleansing program that we can provide can put an end to the issue and make it much easier to work with and control your household.

We can help to put an end to the problem and also to ensure that there’s no return in the future. Alongside ant extermination we can provide control and prevention to stop future returns. For more help and information for your Ottawa property, contact GO! Pest Control today for needed details.

Humane chipmunks removal


Chipmunks removal Ottawa, wildlife removal Ottawa,

While they might look adorable, one of the most common forms of wildlife removal Ottawa residents need to handle is that of chipmunks. If you live in Ottawa and have found that the chipmunk isn’t quite the adorable little creature that it is made out to be, then contacting the GO! Pest Controlteam makes perfect sense. We can quickly come around and take a look at your chipmunk problem.

Then, we’ll come up with a humane means of wildlife removal that will put an end to the problem that you face at present. 

Chipmunks Removal Ottawa: Are chipmunks not harmless?

Many people are drawn in by their cute nature and their cheeky little faces. Make no mistake, though; the chipmunk is not your friend. They are very much similar to a squirrel in that they tend to burrow underground for housing and for foraging. However, they are happy to climb over trees and fences to get into gardens to do so, and when they do then they will happily settle in.

Settled in, chipmunks begin to rapidly grow in size and in number. Before long, that duo of chipmunks you spotted could easily be much larger in number. Before long, they will amass a large grouping and will be more than happy to make a point of building and burrowing directly into where you live.

For this reason, we recommend that you spend some more time looking into wildlife and chipmunk removal. Don’t just presume they are merely playing around in the grass; chipmunks can cause some serious structural problems. They can also eat away at your garden, and turn a luscious lawn into a bare one in a timeframe you’ll struggle to believe.

Wildlife Removal Ottawa: How can I deal with chipmunks?

You can give us a call, for one. We will be more than happy to come down and handle the chipmunk invasion that you have, ensuring that you can get rid of the problem in a short space of time. They will tend to come down and eat up a lot of flower bulbs, flower seeds, vegetables and lawns. Over time, too, they will begin to cause structural damage and leave you with expensive problems to handle on garden sheds and even on your home; don’t let your chipmunk infestation fester!

Contact our team, and we can come out and begin to remove the chipmunks in a humane manner. We often use deterrents to try and get rid of them, and then turn to more significant barriers of exclusion. If this still does not work, then we will go down the extermination route to help put an end to the infestation.

As ever, make a call as soon as possible. Do not allow any chipmunk infestations to grow; over time, they will become a huge problem and cause more damage than one might expect. For a helping hand in handling this serious issue, contact us today.