Skunk Removal Ottawa


Out of all the creatures that you would want to avoid being near your property, skunks are among the worst. Smelly and hard to love, the skunk is a creature that introduces nationwide revulsion. If you are suffering with a skunk problem, then you can contact the most reliable company in Ottawa,  GO! Pest Control.

We are skilled experts in the habitual destruction and permanent removal of skunks from your property. Given their awful smell and their generally off-putting presence, getting rid of a skunk can be a priority. From trying to sell your home to simply being sick of smelling the horrible smell of a skunk, you can find that this offers the perfect opportunity to get rid of your infestation once and for al.

Skunk Removal Ottawa: What Do Skunks Do?

Most of the time, the skunk will just hang around due to their strong sense of survival. They tend to find themselves to come into human inhabited areas to get their hands on old leftovers and the like. They are usually found loitering around decking, buildings and even patios to great effect.

They will eat just about anything going, from your garden vegetation to the small rodents that hang around unseen. They are very hungry animals and will thus eat just about anything that you throw their way. Their most prized food, though, is a chicken. If you don’t protect a chicken coop, it could easily get in there and make off with your chickens!

This is why we want to step in. if you are in need of the kind of reliable pest control Ottawa households need, contact us today. We can find out the problems that your skunk is causing, and making sure he can get all the help that they need to move on and find a new habitat. If they won’t, we’ll find another means of removal in extermination.

Skunk Removal Ottawa: Controlling A Skunk

Since a skunk can temporarily blind you with its rancid odor from as far as 10-feet away, we recommend that you do not engage a skunk yourself.  They are very aggressive creatures when cornered and, aside from their awful smell, will likely show no fear if you try to scare it away.

They are known to be common carriers of problems like rabies, too, so we recommend that you leave dealing with skunks to our team.

We canget the job done quickly and easily, removing the skunk from your home and getting rid of what can often be a frustrating issue at home. If you are sick of letting skunks damage or irritate your property, then contact our team today.

We will be happy to come down and take a look at the damage that your skunk infestation is causing. For proven rodent removal Ottawa home owners and businesses can contact us as soon as they are ready. We’ll come down and find a solution to put those skunks off your property.

Groundhog Removal Ottawa


While the Groundhog, otherwise known as the Woodchuck, might seem harmless, they are quite dangerous animals. At Go! Pest Control, we have been called in to handle all manner of pest control Ottawa home owners may need. One of the most common issues we get called out to handle, though, is that of the Groundhog.

If you are suffering from such a creature barging its way and bothering your home, then contact us today. We can quickly and easily put in place a plan of action to help find the source of the problem, and put an end to it once and for all.

Groundhog Relocating Ottawa: What are Groundhogs?

These irritating little creatures hide behind a cute, curious and ultimately very friendly physique. Don’t let their overly friendly nature put you off, though: they are very likely to hang around and cause you all manner of headaches. They are usually quite slow animals that don’t get around too well, but their tremendous digging qualities ensures that is never the case.

Usually quite small at around 25” in length, this little brown-coated creature will stand out from a mile off. They are usually found peeking out of burrows looking for danger and to make sure they can come out and start scavenging. If you have this problem at home, then it might be time to deal with the creature.

Since they are such excellent climbers and swimmers, though, knowing where to start the search for one can be quite a tough thing to work out. This is where we can come in, offering you the help that you need to get rid of this blight.

Often appearing most commonly during the summer as they often extensively hibernate during the winter. They are usually hard to deal with, though, which is why so many people looking for help contact Go! Pest Control. 

Groundhog Removal Ottawa: Dealing with the Groundhog 

As reliable experts in handling groundhog removal, we can get in there and remove the reasons why they might find your area appealing. They are often found burrowing into homes during the spring and the summer, and will usually stay close to their burrow. This means that if you have a set of groundhogs near or in your home, the burrow is usually within 100-150ft of where you have found them.

They tend to build near homes, roads and locations that allows them to feel guarded and safe from other animals or creatures catching them off guard. While it’s very rare that a Groundhog would ever attack you, if one does it’s likely suffering from rabies or a similar problem. 

The best way to deal with these critters is to keep them out of your garden. From burrowing deeper fences into the ground to making sure you have outward-facing overhangs to stop them getting underneath or above, we can find ways to keep them out.

At a worst case scenario, we can provide the most efficient form of wildlife removal Ottawa can offer you. contact us today, and we’ll make sure there is a proven solution in place ASAP.

Squirrel One way Door by GO! Pest Control

Squirrel one way door installation 

Problem with squirrels? Humane removal of squirrels by installing one way door.

Another great one way door for squirrel by Mark
For more information about squirrel removal please visit our squirrel page or to book an appointment please call us at (613)366-2202
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Wasp Removal Ottawa

Wasp nest removal with GO! Pest Control

In reality, wasps serve a purpose as a pest control for flies, worms and many other pests they can also create a problem around homes and businesses. Many refer to all insects that sting as bees, even though wasps are quite different. They have a distinctive appearance and behaviors which means they require special methods for elimination. This where nest removal Ottawa can help.

Wasps can be useful to the environment, though nests that are near homes and business can be a problem. So, if you are concerned about your children, or pets being stung, you may require the help of a professional Wasp nest removal Ottawa. The best time to get rid of a wasp nest is early on in the year which is when the colony is small, and the wasps are less hostile. Plus, if you manage to eliminate the queen you won’t need to worry about a new nest forming the same colony later on.

Getting rid of wasp

Getting rid of wasps has many challenges and the greatest being wasp nests. As those are concealed in spaces behind walls, in attics, or underground. Usually, the only indication of the nest is wasps flying back and forth through a crack or hole. If you find a wasp nest do not disrupt or bother it or try to crush the wasps. As some wasps when crushed could release pheromones which will trigger other members in the colony and lead to a full-scale wasp strike. Wasp nest removal Ottawa is your GO! Pest control when dealing with threatening bees or wasps.

Wasp nest removal Ottawa are professionals at what they do. Many people will try a do it yourself method. They will set up a homemade or store-bought trap. Though these may look effective, shortly after setting them up you will see wasps buzzing near or inside. Without knowing, you may have just made the problem even worse. The wasps inside the trap will usually attract other wasps from the colony and draw even more wasps to the area.

Pest Control Ottawa ON, professionals have the experience and the knowledge to locate and get rid of wasps and their nests safely. Wasp removal Ottawa pest control professionals use high tech inspection cameras to detect and locate wasp nests within wasps in no time. We also have access to environmental products that help eliminate wasps with the least disturbance to your business or home. If you have a bee or wasp problem, contact Pest Control Ottawa ON for a free inspection today!

For more information about Wasp removal services please click on the links below.

Fleas Control


pest control ottawa fleas, fleas exterminator ottawa, fleas control Ottawa,

Pest control ottawa fleas.

Out of all the problems that you could have had at home, dealing with fleas is likely to be one of the most common issues. As experts in Ottawa pest control we see fleas more often than many other forms of irritating that might make your quality of life fall through the floor. When working with GO! Pest Control, you can be sure that you are working with people who care, and who don’t mind taking the extra level of care needed. 

If you are looking for a premium flea exterminator Ottawa home owners and business owners can call us today; we can get involved and kill off that flea infestation in a timely, humane manner.

Pest Control Ottawa Fleas: Dealing with a Flea Infestation

At GO! Pest Control, we come in and make sure that we can fully understand the problem that you face with regards to your fleas. They tend to be quite a hard thing to deal with, despite being easily visible. Agile and nimble, they live by sucking the blood out of their hosts and then using that to help make sure they can keep going for a long time to come. Killing fleas is hard due to their tough bodies, meaning that even squeezing one in your fingers is tough work.

While you could squeeze them using adhesive tape, it’s much faster to just call our team at GO! Pest Control. We can come down and take a look, and organize a plant to handle the fleas issue as soon as possible.

Handling fleas can take a lot of work, but we use humane extermination methods to help make sure we can kill off colonies without any potential for leaving harm or damage to your or your loved ones due to the safe extermination option we use.

Fleas Control Ottawa: Save your household today

If you were to let a flea infestation continue, then you are left at the mercy of handling fleas for the long-term. They don’t really need a second invitation, and if you do not act quickly then they will infest you home and hang around for the long-term.

Naturally, we want to avoid that. If you contact our team today, we’ll be more than happy to come out and take a look at the infestation before coming up with a clear plan to deal with them.  When it comes to pest control Ottawa fleas are the most common issue we face in this city. They are hard to deal with due to their unusually long lifespan, and their desire to simply stick around regardless of conditions.

So, we will help you to make sure that you can find the source of the problem, from a pet to an infestation, and then deal with it. Treatment is safe, humane and ethical whilst being hugely effective and removing the problem that you face once and for all. For more help and information about flea removal in Ottawa, contact GO! Pest Control right away

For more information please visit us at

Or give us a call 613-366-2202

Wasp Control Ottawa

wasp nest removal, pest control Ottawa wasp, wasp removal Ottawa

Out of all the problems that you could need to deal with in your home or business, wasp nest removal is among the worst. Handling a wasp nest can be hard work, and it often leaves you at the mercy of these aggressive creatures afterward. If you would like to avoid such an issue, then we recommend that you take a look at our professional Ottawa wasp removal. At GO! Pest Control, we know how hard dealing with a collection of wasps can be. Instead of putting yourself at risk, contact the GO! Pest Control team to get help with wasp nest removal quickly and easily. With the stinging nature of the wasp, the more caution that you can take just now the more likely it is that you can get rid of the nest as soon as possible.

Pest Control Ottawa Wasp Removal: Why is wasp removal so important?

While they might look small and harmless, the wasp is a dangerous creature. Even if you do not suffer from allergic reactions to their potent sting, they can still hurt you. When annoyed, too, they become vicious and will continue to sting for as long as is possible. Not only are they strong and happy to keep stinging, but they release powerful pheromones which makes more wasps come along to join the fray!
With our help, then, you can get wasp nest removal without attracting any more friends to come along. If you leave wasps to fester and grow, then it is very much likely that they will continue to cause you problems. To get rid of your wasps in the shortest space of time possible, you should look to contact our team today.
We’ll help you to deal with the wasps quickly and without putting you close to any danger.

Wasp Removal Ottawa: What should I do when I find a wasps nest?

For one, do not engage it. Do not spray it, hit it or attack it in any way, shape or form. Instead, call the GO! Pest Control right away. These creatures pose a significant risk to your health, and could put you under immense strain if you were to take them on alone.
Instead, contact our Ottawa wasp removal service. We can deal with your wasp dilemma simply by using the safest, most humane treatment. We’ll make sure that we can get rid of their nest and find the source of the wasps, whether they are submerged into some wood or buried deep into the ground. If you find a nest, then do not hesitate to contact our team to get advice on what to do next.
We’ll come out and make sure that not only do we handle the nest itself, but we make it easy for you to handle the problems regarding infestation. From finding the source that attracted them in the first place to locating the wasps at source, we’ll work quickly and professionally to help deliver the kind of Ottawa wasp removal you deserve. For more information, contact our team today and we’ll handle any wasp removal needs you have.

Bees Control Ottawa


bees removal Ottawa , bee nest removal Ottawa, pest control ottawa bees

While bees play a major role in the development of safe crops and in creating a happy & healthy natural environment, they are a pest. If you were to find a bee nest at home, something has to be done: action must be taken. At GO! Pest Control, we provide the kind of reliable bee nest removal Ottawa households need. The sooner we can find the source of the problem, the sooner we can bring an end to it and give you that much-needed peace of mind and comfort when handling your bee problems.

Bees Removal Ottawa: Dealing with bees

While we should never discount the vital role that the humble bee plays in society, we cannot simply allow them to fester in our homes. When it comes to bee’s nest removal Ottawa residents and businesses need to act fast. The bees simply won’t move on; they’ll stick around and continue to grow.

This is why fast and decisive action matters so much. If you can take quick action to deal with the problem, then you can stop it festering and becoming a major problem for you later on down the line. While it might be tough to get it right at the first time of asking, you should be able to handle the majority of the bees with our help. We will use methods for bees control that should help to encourage the bees to move on, or eventually use solutions to force them out by making the environment inhospitable for them.

GO! Pest Control  work quickly to handle the problem, using a team of trained bee nest removal experts. Our technicians work quickly so that you do not have to spend all afternoon trying to avoid being stung by bees removing the nest yourself!

Pest Control Ottawa Bees: Stopping infestation at source

When you allow a bee colony to build up, before long it can become a huge problem. Large numbers will be attracted, and you can even find more than one colony housed in close proximity to one another. It’s the kind of solution that should really make you decide to call in professional help; the sheer scale and number of bees to deal with can be quite daunting.

If you want to get over that kind of problem, then calling in our team can make a lot of sense. We work very quickly to handle the volume of bees, using safe and humane treatment methods to help remove the bees from the nest and prevent them from returning in the future.

While there is never a one-size-fits-all solution for bee removal, we work quickly to help make sure you can get professional infestation management in a short space of time. Not only that, but you should find it much less likely that bees will return in the future, as we both remove the present infestation and create a hostile atmosphere to help reduce colony resettlement chances. For more help and information about bee removal, feel free to contact our team today for further details. 

How To Contact GO! Pest Control For Bess Control In Ottawa, ON?

For more information on our bees control program you can visit us at or to book an appointment please call us for a free estimate 613-366-2202

Racoon Babies

This time of year racoons babies are on the way. Racoon pups are born blind and completely dependant on their mother for milk and warmth.

Racoon pups a generally do not leave the nest until about 8 weeks of age. Separating a racoon mother from her young can make the mother very aggressive and more prone to cause damage to homes and other properties.
Racoon pups, approximately 1-2 weeks old.

While the easiest way to deal with a racoon nest with nursing young is to simply wait till they’re mature enough to leave on their own, that may not be a good option for most people or even desirable at all.

Your best bet for managing an active nest with nursing young is to call in the professionals. Look for companies that work in wildlife control and relocation, not just pest control or extermination.

Read reviews on those companies, Google, Facebook and HomeStars are all good places to find reviews on Wildlife Control / Pest Control companies.


Now Offering Heat Treatment Programs in Ottawa

Increasingly the most environmentally responsible way to solve a problem is also the best solution available.

Heat treatment for bed bugs is hands down the best way to treat a single family detached home.

GO! Pest Control is now offering Heat Treatments for bed bugs.

Below is an informative video on what we do for our heat treatment service.

Contact GO! Pest Control today on 1866 467 3789 for more information or to book an appointment.


Posted by Go Pest Control on Friday, July 12, 2019

Is it Worth it to Hire an Exterminator?

Sure, insects, rodents, and other ‘critters’ are a part of life and the natural environment, but there is a limit to how many of them we should have in our personal environment! When you have got pests, what should you do? There is nowhere — not in the city, suburbs, or countryside — that can boast of being completely free of vermin. Should you try to get rid of them by yourself? Is it worth it to hire an exterminator in Toronto?

For those unsure

Are you still concerned about consulting pest control services, or still considering hiring an exterminator in Toronto or in your home city? There is no need to be concerned. Some may worry about harming the environment, others may be thinking about the chemicals that will be used. Perhaps you wonder if the damage from the extermination will be out of proportion to the threat? If these are your concerns, talk to an exterminator in Toronto about your options before you make any decisions.

Different pests, different problems

An exterminator in Toronto understands all the different problems that can come into your home. Some little insects are microscopic, like bed bugs or termites, and they don’t instantly seem like a problem, but in time, the problem grows. Bed bugs will always multiply. They travel in dark places, hiding away in linens and suitcases, and they lie dormant for months without feeding. They are not always a big problem at first, but like most hidden pests, by the time you notice you have them, you have a lot of them. Other pests that an exterminator in Toronto can take care of for you are bigger issues, such as mice, rats, and cockroaches. Hiring an exterminator is more than just a convenience, it’s a way of keeping your home safe and free of disease.

How big will the ‘invasion’ be?

Many of these pests have already multiplied and done damage before they are noticed. If the pest population is out of control, it is essential to call in the experts. Exterminators in Toronto, or those in your area, know about the problems faced in in your area, and they can do more than anticipate what is coming. They can eradicate the problem so that it will not return. Getting rid of pests temporarily is one thing, but removing them permanently takes professional pest control services. They understand how the pests multiply, how they behave, and the weather and other conditions that make it ideal for the pests to thrive.

Hire an exterminator in Toronto who can handle it

When you talk with an exterminator in Toronto, discuss all the possibilities of pests that may become a problem, from termites to spiders, to pigeons or rabbits. Keep your home safe with the help of trained professionals who have the proper licenses, certifications, and knowledge to deal with all pest removals, control all infestations, and understand all wildlife control protocols.

If you want to keep your home or business safe and healthy, it is worth it to hire an exterminator in Toronto. Contact us for more details.

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