Why is it Important to Hire a Professional Exterminator?

Like most things, in a house, it’s the little unseen things that can wind up causing the most trouble. The cracks, crevices, and spaces in drywall can make hospitable living and breeding grounds for common pests, like ants, mites, fleas, cockroaches, or ticks. If you’ve ever been exposed to the temperate and humid Southern Ontario summers, you’ll know that warm, humid, closed-off environments are ideal for insects to thrive in—ticks in particular—and that’s why you need an exterminator in Toronto.

If you encounter a pest infestation, your primary instinct might be to stock up on aerosol pesticides and target every cluster you can find until they’re all gone. Sounds like an easy solution, right? Wrong! Pests can be very tenacious, and rooting them out can require a professional touch. If you’re one of the many unfortunate residents in the GTA with a pest control problem, there are several reasons why you should go the professional route and hire an exterminator in Toronto.

Why Hire A Professional Exterminator in Toronto?

They’re Thorough

Your average homeowner doesn’t qualify as an expert in pest control. In fact, in their frustration, they may be driven to make rash decisions and wind up purchasing the wrong insecticide, or sweep over important areas in their rush. One of the major upsides of having an exterminator in Toronto rid your home of an infestation is a guarantee of knowledge and experience. A professional exterminator in Toronto knows how to find and secure access points that make it easy for bugs to get in. They also know how to root out nests, eggs, larvae, and eliminate pheromone trails that ants use to signal to other ants that they should invade.

They Use the Proper Materials

The homeowner that has a chronic infestation problem is going to find themselves going through cans of insect repellent like there’s no tomorrow. This raises the possibility that the harmful chemical compounds in the over-the-counter insecticides could cause a breathing hazard for you and your family. A professional exterminator in Toronto has access to the most effective suite of insecticides to get the job done, and they will inform you of any latent hazards from a spraying or fogging and how to handle them. An exterminator in Toronto will also know how much insecticide product to apply to ensure that there is neither too much nor too little.

Save Money in the Long Term

A serious bug infestation isn’t just going to cost you the price of aerosols. It may cost you the price of food that’s been invaded and eaten, too, on top of the damages to your property from the buildup of oils and the nests that need to be carved out. Stopping an infestation before it gets out of control is the specialty of an exterminator in Toronto. The one-time payment of a thorough extermination is way less than the costs paid out on an out-of-control infestation—not to mention stress.

Exterminator in Toronto

An infestation in your GTA home doesn’t have to be a chronic catastrophe. With the right experts on your side, an overwhelming pest problem can be properly rooted out. Do you need an exterminator in Toronto to handle a nasty pest problem? Get in touch with Go! Pest Control.

Seven Questions to Ask a Bed Bugs Exterminator Before Hiring Them

The phrase “bed bugs” can and should raise alarm bells with anyone! They’re a nightmare for any resident! If you discover or suspect bed bugs in your home, any sane person’s first impulse would be to call the first exterminator whose number you can find. While getting these little buggers gone is the first priority, you really should stop, take a breath, and ask them a few questions. Any job doing is worth doing right. Don’t just type bed bugs extermination in Toronto into your phone and pick the top Google hit. Vet your contractors and make sure you get what you are paying for!

Do I Really Have Bed Bugs, or is it Something Else?

Before you panic and go straight to the nuclear option, ask your bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto what the signs might be and look for them. Bed bugs, true to their name, tend to gravitate to places where people sleep. They feed on blood, and their bites don’t hurt enough to wake their victims. But check your sheets. If there is random dried blood on odd corners of your sheets, you might have bed bugs. Most people are allergic to their bites as well, so you or someone in your home may have small marks like mosquito bites or rashes in reaction to the bed bugs.

Do You Offer a Site Evaluation?

Ok, so you suspect bed bugs. Does your bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto offer reasonably priced or free site evaluations? Bed bugs can spread very quickly and can make the problem worse in a hurry, not to mention the discomfort for all residents of just knowing they are around! You don’t want to delay treatments because the crew showed up for a particular scope of project and then had to delay because they brought the wrong type or amount of equipment!

What is the Recommended Treatment?

There is no reliable DIY method for bed bug treatment. Local bed bugs extermination contractors in Toronto will tell you that bed bugs multiply at too high of a rate to make this effective, and delaying professional treatment will make the problem worse in the long run. It’s recommended that, for a standard infestation, you have two treatments, approximately 3-4 weeks apart, to make sure that the current host and the existing eggs are destroyed.

What are the Contractor’s Methods?

Find out exactly what the bed bugs extermination contractor in Toronto needs from you. How much of your home needs to be accessed, how many of your belongings may need to be thrown away, and how this will affect your day-to-day in your home for you and your family.

Is This Contractor Professionally Affiliated?

Being officially affiliated with provincial or national organizations is a good signal that this company is held to a certain standard of training and performance. Agencies who perform bed bugs extermination in Toronto may be linked to organizations in Ontario or all of Canada.

Is Your Exterminator Properly Licensed?

Make sure that your contractor is properly licensed to perform bed bugs extermination in Toronto! Bringing in contractors who aren’t properly licensed might open you up to liability to injury or property damage that should otherwise be covered by their business’s insurance!

Workmanship Guarantee?

Be sure that your contractor gives you a fair and accurate assessment of their treatment methods! Make sure that they stand by their methods, and that they will repeat or change if necessary. You’re paying to get rid of blood-sucking parasites—the parasites should be gone when they finish their work! Contact GO! Pest Control™ for more information.

What You Need to Know About Bed Bug Exterminators?

They live under your bed. They only come out at night, in the dark, and they come out hungry, ready to feed on the blood of the living. They aren’t monsters, though. These nightly feeders are bed bugs—but while they may not meet the description of the creature from a gothic horror story, they are horrifying enough in their own right. That’s why you need bed bugs extermination in Ottawa when you have an infestation you are struggling to keep under control.

Why do you need a bed bugs exterminator?

You need bed bugs extermination because bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of on your own. Especially in Canada, where there are restrictions on the types of pesticides you can purchase over the counter (and rightly so: a lot of the ones that can tackle a bed bug infestation are extremely dangerous for human and pet health, as well, and should not be handled by inexperienced users). The products you do have available to you for your DIY extermination are typically aerosol sprays, diatomaceous earth, borax, bed bug traps, and heat:

  • Aerosols are effective when you can see the bed bug and make direct contact with the spray. This is much easier said than done; the biggest problem with bed bugs is that they remain unsees and strike when you aren’t looking at them, so it is extremely difficult to hit them with the spray.
  • Diatomaceous earth is an all-natural substance that will cut into the bed bug’s exoskeleton as they walk through it, weakening them. This can be effective, but ultimately the bug has to walk through it to be affected, and it can be hard to place the powder in all the right spots.
  • Borax will absorb moisture and dry the bed bug out. It will also kill them if they happen to eat it. But again, it needs to be in the right place at the right time to actually be effective, and with infestation pests, that often just isn’t enough coverage to keep up with their high reproductive cycles.
  • Bed bug traps can catch a bed bug; however, since they can only cover so much area, they are often more useful for letting you know that bed bugs are around than for taking down an infestation.
  • Heat, as any bed bugs extermination expert in Ottawa will tell you, is the most effective method of treatment. You can put your clothes and bed sheets through the dryer on a high heat setting to kill the bed bugs that are hiding in them, and you can take a steamer to your mattress, box spring, baseboards, and carpeted areas to take out any hiding pests. The problem with DIY heat treatments is that it’s difficult to cover all the areas needed by hand quickly enough to take out all the bugs and eggs, and if one is left unharmed, you’ll be back to an infestation state in no time.

What do you need to know about bed bugs exterminators?

They have the expertise and equipment to clear your home of bed bugs in one go so you don’t have to put all your time and effort into battling the ongoing bed bug war. A bed bugs extermination expert in Ottawa will do an assessment on your home, recommend the best treatment procedure (whether that be heat or chemical or a combination), carry through with the chosen extermination procedure, and follow up to ensure that the bed bugs have been fully eradicated so you can start sleeping through the night again, worry-free and with no creepy crawlies giving you the nighttime heebie jeebies. Click this link for more information.