The Value of Pest Control in the Restaurant Industry

The City of Toronto runs a website called “DineSafe,” which is available on the city’s website. The program offers anyone a chance to search for local restaurants and see their status, whether they have passed, conditionally passed, or been shut down for their health code compliance (or lack thereof).

DineSafe is an important tool for people who want to know if the restaurants they visit are in compliance. It’s also a potential death knell for any restauranteur who doesn’t take health code violations, and pest control in Toronto in particular, seriously.

What Happens when Pests are Discovered in a Restaurant

Similar programs exist throughout Ontario and can be the difference between a restaurant that survives or closes. In Hamilton a few years ago, a restaurant on the city’s popular Locke St. was shut down for pest issues, which was reported by the local paper. The restaurant itself attempted to say that the report was lying in a response on social media. Immediately underneath, someone posted a screen grab of the city’s DineSafe equivalent. The restaurant briefly reopened after bringing itself up to code, but ultimately shut down amongst the scandal.

This story, which has happened to Toronto restaurants as well, is a testament to the importance of pest control in Toronto, particularly for restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry. It’s no secret that the industry has faced significant hardship since early 2020, from shutdowns to staff shortages. Now, the ability to be successful has narrowed even further. Besides innovating new ways to meet your customers, you need to ensure they feel safe and comfortable engaging with your restaurant. And that means proper pest control.

Proactive & Reactive Pest Control for Restaurants

Broadly speaking, pest control for restaurants can be divided into two categories: proactive and reactive. Proactive pest control includes setting up traps beforehand, scheduling regular pest inspections with a professional, and implementing cleaning and maintenance policies that reduce the chances of pests coming into your establishment.

Reactive pest control is likely what you think about when it comes to pest control: removal and extermination of pests. This is to address problems that already exist, and it must be performed by experts to ensure the job is done properly and within local regulations.

GO! Pest Control approaches pest control for commercial sites with an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) service that is both proactive and reactive. We work with our clients to create a plan that reduces the chances of pests getting in, that regularly surveys the area for potential pest issues, and that also removes any that might get through. It’s the best way to manage pest control in Toronto, and one that gets results.

Where to Go for Pest Control in Toronto

If you own a restaurant in Toronto, then you need to take a proactive approach to pest control. Too often, restaurants think regular cleaning will be enough to stop pests from entering. This, however, can often not be enough. You will need a relationship with experts in pest control in Toronto. You need the help of GO! Pest Control. Our team of pest experts works directly with you to set up regular inspections and pest control strategies to ensure you don’t have unwanted guests in your kitchen.

Why are Pest Control Services a True Necessity?

Just because Torontonians thrive in the luxuries of big city living doesn’t mean the pests we associate with country living and cottages at the lake shouldn’t be a concern. Bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, and rats: all of these pests can threaten the safety of Toronto homes and businesses at any time of year. Especially as we move into fall, pests will be looking to burrow into indoor spaces, seeking warmer temperatures and hosts to feed off as they prepare for winter. As much as it makes us squirm to think about, when it comes to pests, a proactive solution is the best solution. That means being ready when an infestation strikes, from a single mouse to a persisting stream of cockroaches, with the best pest control in Toronto.

We suggest that having a trusted pest control service provider already within your contacts can help you solve any pest issue before it exacerbates—and it lends peace of mind when you lay your head on your (pest-free!) pillow at night.

This advice goes double for commercial property owners and managers, where late reactions can add legal and other ramifications. Keeping Go Pest Control in your contacts will ensure you’re armed and ready for any pest invasion. Need more convincing? Here are a few key concerns we’ve seen over the years we’ve served our fellow Torontonian home and business owners.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

When the bed bugs bite, you need to call Go Pest Control in Toronto, and ASAP. All too commonly, we’ve seen bed bug infestations continue to torture residential properties and complexes around our city. Given the high percentage of urban buildings here that see people living in close quarters, including common spaces and amenities such as laundry facilities, we’ve witnessed several easily preventable bed bug infestation outbreaks even in the most modern of buildings. Our expert technicians have the proper training to handle any bed bug scenario, from the individual detached home to congested commercial rental complex infestations. Both of these, when left untreated, can lead to recurring outbreaks.

When Go Pest Control professionals fight back, we treat all your linens, upholstery, mattresses, and any other potentially infected surfaces from the roots of the problem up. We’re also happy to educate our clients on the preventative measures they can take going forward to stay on top of pest control in Toronto.   

Don’t let the cockroaches approach

There’s something special about our city when the nostalgia of older buildings meets the future in more modern structures. Unfortunately, our humid climate conditions can mean dampness has settled into our interior walls. This is a warm invitation for cockroaches to thrive and grow their populations, making pest control challenging. Commercially, this likely means the pulling of business licenses. Residentially, dwellers become vulnerable to diseases, including typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, and just plain being scared and grossed out. Go Pest Control Service’s expert technicians exterminate this problem fast, and we can safeguard the home or business for the future should cockroaches even think of approaching the property.

Don’t let mice and rats rule

The damage done when mice or rats move into an indoor space only multiplies, and fast, when left untreated. Not only will they damage the space’s interior décor and contents, buy they’ll also be after your food storage while doing massive damage to electronic wiring that’s expensive to repair. As they travel through the HVAC system and it’s ducts, the contaminants in their feces are spread into the lungs of all inhabitants and guests of the building. This is not a DIY situation, and it can quickly get out of control. The sooner you call Go Pest Control in Toronto, the better off you’ll be to salvage the space and its contents, as well as your peace of mind that everyone using the building is safe.

The best pest control in Toronto

When it comes to pest and rodent removal, we’ve got the equipment, products, and expertise to exterminate any unwelcome visitors – besides your in-laws that is. We get the job done right, faster, and more efficiently so you can get on with life or back to business. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can check out your situation with our free consultation. Click here to learn more.

The Four Mistakes People Make When Choosing Pest Control in Ottawa

Pest control is a big deal, especially if you are currently having a problem with a pest infestation. Whether they are big or small, you need quality, professional help, and you need it now. Even though you might feel panicked about the pests sharing your space, take some time to choose the right company to do your pest control in Ottawa.

Avoid these four mistakes that people often make when choosing a pest control company and you will ensure that your life can once again be pest-free.

Top Four Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Pest Control in Ottawa

1)  Not asking enough questions about the process

When you hire a pest control company to take care of your home or office, you need to ask a few important questions about their process. You need to know if the techniques the potential company employ use harmful chemicals. Do you need to vacate your premises for a number of hours or a number of days? Is there an environmentally friendly alternative that can be used? If you are dealing with larger pests, like racoons and skunks, find out where they relocate the animals to. Finding a pest control company that takes care of your pest issue in a way that matches with your own ethical ideals is important.

2)  Not researching the company before hiring them

Visit the potential pest control company’s website. Read the review they have posted on their site and then search for more reviews online. Check out the company’s social media accounts. How many people have commented? Are there any complaints that keep coming up over and over? Paying attention to the company’s past clients can help you to avoid hiring a less-than-stellar company.

Also take note of the awards and certifications any potential pest control company in Ottawa might have before hiring them. Make sure they are fully licensed, and move them up your list if they have received any awards for their work.

3)  Not getting a quote in advance

Don’t be surprised by the final bill. You should always get a quote before any work is done. If the pest control company comes across unforeseen circumstances that will add to the cost, they should have those additions approved before continuing the work. The final bill may not be exactly what you were quoted, but it should be very close.

4)  Not checking on their warranty

Reputable pest control in Ottawa always offers a fair warranty. The best companies stand behind their work and are happy to come back if the pests come back. Look for a pest control company that offers a 6-month warranty on their work. Paying a little extra upfront for a company that offers a warranty is absolutely worth the upgrade.

Choose the Best

Go! Pest Control in Ottawa and Toronto is the best choice for professional and effective pest control. They are members of the Structural Pest Management Association of Ontario and the National Pest Management Association. Go! Pest won the Best of Award from HomeStars and was named to the Top 3 list for Pest Control for Ottawa. They are a highly rated and frequently recommended professional pest control company that stands behind their work. Contact us to know more information.

Five Questions to Ask When Hiring Pest Control Services

Yuck! You’ve found some critters in your home! What now?

While your first instinct might be to just hit the phone book or your browser and look for a service for pest control in Toronto, you might want to consider who you’re hiring. Your home has been invaded by creepy crawly creatures! While getting rid of them is obviously your end goal, there is a lot to consider if you’re going to get there! You’re actually asking these folks into your home, after all, unlike the buggers you are trying to be rid of.

1. Is this company well-recommended?

Check out the company’s online reviews through services like Google or Kijiji, or through your preferred local sites. They’ll get you quick access to independent reviews of pest control services in Toronto. Just type in pest control in Toronto and you’re there. Reviews here might make you aware of how the company operates prior to bringing them into your home where they will give you some suggestions of good matches for your home’s needs.

2. Is this company operating legally?

While most people often think of legal operation as having the proper licensing and paying their taxes, this can have a significant impact on you and your home. While hiring an unlicensed freelancer performing a service for you isn’t illegal, without proper registrations and business coverage, it can leave you vulnerable and liable to damages. Especially in the realms of pest control, where chemicals are often used. If the company you hire does not possess the correct licenses and insurance for pest control in Toronto, your home insurance company may not cover any inadvertent damages.

3. What are the company’s methods?

Depending on the type of pest, there are very different solutions. Sticky traps, poison pellets, chemical powders, or sprays. Be absolutely sure to check with your contractor about it; pest control in Toronto is subject to public regulations, so talk to your provider. Make sure they are not using any products or methods outside of local legislation.

The pest control in Toronto is governed by local and provincial legislations to best prevent property damage and manage pest and disease control, but you should make sure that your contractor is willing to use reasonable methods in your home. Certain chemicals and traps might not be to your personal taste or your home’s rules. Keep in mind possible allergies or exposures for you and your family. A quality exterminator will have options and will work with you on acceptable methods.

4. Professional Affiliations?

A respectable pest control company in Toronto will usually post their associations and network contacts on their websites. High-Quality Canadian businesses will likely advertise their associations with companies who do their industry proud.

5. Work Guarantee!

Kind of the most important aspect of any work is obviously the result. A proper and professional pest control company in Toronto needs to be able to perform its service in your home and not cause unnecessary disruptions. You want someone who will come back to correct the issue if the job isn’t finished. Visit our website for more information.

What are the Different Types of Pest Control Methods?

Are you in need of pest control in Ottawa or thinking you might need it in the future? There are a variety of pest control methods available to you through personal efforts and professional exterminators, so let’s take a dive into some of the most common!

Prevention is Always Best

If pest control in Ottawa isn’t an immediate need of yours, all the better to prevent it first. Prevention is way more effective than removal and won’t be a source of stress. Take the time to ensure you don’t have a space for pests to be attracted to—damp spaces, for instance, can house lots of bugs, so get rid of any mildew and consider investing in a dehumidifier if you have moisture abundant in your home. You can also take care to declutter, dust, sweep, avoid leaving food out, do house repairs, and more. Don’t let an infestation drain your energy and wallet if you can prevent it with some simple actions.

Clean & Control

If you’re in the prevention stage of pest control in Ottawa, or if you’ve only spotted one or two little critters, cleaning and controlling your space is crucial. Do you have cluttered spaces where pests can hide? Do you have accessible garbage, compost, or unwashed dishes in your home? Do you sweep, mop, or vacuum thoroughly? Even little things like leaving the dog food out at night can contribute to pest occupation. Busy life can definitely make it hard to keep things tidy, but it’ll take even more time to deal with an infestation, so do whatever you can.

Natural Methods

Sometimes, the most effective methods of pest control in Ottawa are natural ones. Lots of professional exterminators make use of traps, bait, and other non-chemical methods when getting rid of pests, particularly when it comes to mammals. If you don’t want to hurt that little skunk that’s been hiding under your backyard shed, a cage trap could be a way to remove and relocate it without harm. Some natural methods are available in stores for you to buy on your own; however, if there’s any risk to your safety or the pest situation isn’t mild, you should always have a professional service for pest control in Ottawa.

Legal Pesticides

Pest control in Ottawa sometimes includes the use of legal pesticides. An example of this might be folks who spray their lawns with pesticides to preserve their grass. However, these aren’t usually the most appealing option; pesticides can cause health issues for yourself and wreak havoc on local ecosystems. Always consult with a professional pest controller first and do not try to handle these chemicals alone.


In some cases, pest control in Ottawa can include the introduction of natural predators to remove pests. This can work in big areas, such as crops, or even in areas as small as your house. If you’ve got problems with some mice and it’s not serious, the introduction of a cat or two into your home could be an efficient way to rid yourself of the problem. Of course, these methods are less guaranteed and should always be carefully considered, so be sure to contact experts before doing anything that could have a large-scale impact on your home and surrounding environment.

Overall, there are a variety of options to consider when deciding on which pest control methods are best for you, including prevention, cleanup, natural methods, pesticides, predators, and pheromones. Any conscious homeowner should take care of infestations as soon as possible with the help of professional pest control in Ottawa. Visit our website for more details.

Reasons for Getting Pest Control Inspections Done on a Regular Basis

There are many reasons why no one wants to think of pest control and their home in the same sentence. But keeping the home free of pests means having pest control inspections done on a regular basis. Pest control isn’t just something to do when someone in your household spots a mouse or cockroaches. Once you see one, there are likely to be more! Pest control can keep your home clean, tidy, and protected. Here are other reasons why you should have a good company for pest control in Toronto on your speed dial list of service providers.

Pest control in Toronto keeps your home clean

The potential for every home to have some kind of pest is strong. It doesn’t mean that your home is not clean enough. Doing a thorough cleaning is not enough to get rid of pests, or to keep them away. Pests spread themselves through the home and through the neighbourhood, so regular pest control keeps your home and your city safe.

Pests may bring health risks

Some pests, like rats, mice, and cockroaches, may transfer infection and disease. Since it is impossible to tell whether or not the pests in your home are infected, having regular pest control will prevent health risks to your home, neighbourhood, and family. Sometimes pests can attach themselves to pets or harm your pets in other ways, and this also is a reason why it is necessary to be aware of their presence.

Pests do damage to property

Pest control in Toronto can help your manage pests like insects, rodents, ants, and birds. These can all damage property, wood, fibres, and wiring. As the pests hide, the damage may already be done before anyone notices. This is one of the biggest reasons for regular pest control inspections.

Prevention is the key

As pests can increase their numbers rapidly once they set in, the best way to manage the spread is to prevent the pests in the first place. Pest control in Toronto keeps the numbers down and the pests away.

Pest control saves money

It may seem that regular pest control in Toronto is just one more expense that your home and business does not need right now. Consider how much repair work might be needed after damage, and consider the costliness of that and of a big extermination. It might be necessary to move away from your home for a period of time. Insurance may not cover these costs. Having regular pest control in Toronto done well will save money and protect what matters. Don’t wait until the problem becomes too big.

How often should regular pest control in Toronto be done?

Once you call your pest control professionals in Toronto and understand what they will do for you on their regular service visits, this will be an easier decision to make. Generally, once every season or every quarter is enough. This may seem frequent, but different types of pests are more or less active at different times of the year. Contact GO! Pest Control™ for more information.