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For anyone who owns a home in Ottawa, it’s likely that you will at one stage need to combat an ant infestation. Ants might look harmless, and their ability to work as a massive community is indeed impressive. However, it’s that immense capacity for teamwork that can make the need for pest control in Ottawa so necessary. Left to their own devices, ants can cause a lot more problems for you than you might realize at first.

Ants group together in large colonies under their queen, with the potential for as many as 1 million members. While your home is unlikely to be harbouring a colony of such scale, large ant infestations are sadly common. At GO! Pest Control, we help to handle this problem once and for all, delivering a solution that brings about an end to this particular problem.

Usually hard to find alone in their nest despite their scale, we can offer you the help that you need. As a proven ant exterminator Ottawa home owners and businesses can rely upon us to find a proven solution to bring about an end to your ant related nightmare.

Ant Removal Ottawa: What Can We Do?

Typically, ants are a major blight on a household. We can help you to get the help that you need to find out where the ants are coming from, the kind of ants you are dealing with and, crucially, the easiest way to solve that problem without long-lasting negative effects.

From helping you to put in place a future prevention program to removing an infestation with force, we’ll find all manner of ways to help get rid of an infestation. Ants can cause pretty major structural damage in a home if left to their own devices, and could threaten the integrity of your home itself.

From making sure that we clean up all sources of water leaks and crumbs, we can reduce the ants’ food and water supply. Often, the best source of victory against the ants is to use siege tactics; to remove their avenues to survive, forcing them to either move on or face the consequences.

For more help in caring for your home, then, we can step in and deliver the kind of ant extermination Ottawa residents will be looking for. Don’t let an ant damage put your home under threat: contact GO! Pest Control today to organize a proven solution.

There’s no need to have to put up with an ant infestation in your home. A smart cleansing program that we can provide can put an end to the issue and make it much easier to work with and control your household.

We can help to put an end to the problem and also to ensure that there’s no return in the future. Alongside ant extermination we can provide control and prevention to stop future returns. For more help and information for your Ottawa property, contact GO! Pest Control today for needed details.

Humane chipmunks removal


Chipmunks removal Ottawa, wildlife removal Ottawa,

While they might look adorable, one of the most common forms of wildlife removal Ottawa residents need to handle is that of chipmunks. If you live in Ottawa and have found that the chipmunk isn’t quite the adorable little creature that it is made out to be, then contacting the GO! Pest Controlteam makes perfect sense. We can quickly come around and take a look at your chipmunk problem.

Then, we’ll come up with a humane means of wildlife removal that will put an end to the problem that you face at present. 

Chipmunks Removal Ottawa: Are chipmunks not harmless?

Many people are drawn in by their cute nature and their cheeky little faces. Make no mistake, though; the chipmunk is not your friend. They are very much similar to a squirrel in that they tend to burrow underground for housing and for foraging. However, they are happy to climb over trees and fences to get into gardens to do so, and when they do then they will happily settle in.

Settled in, chipmunks begin to rapidly grow in size and in number. Before long, that duo of chipmunks you spotted could easily be much larger in number. Before long, they will amass a large grouping and will be more than happy to make a point of building and burrowing directly into where you live.

For this reason, we recommend that you spend some more time looking into wildlife and chipmunk removal. Don’t just presume they are merely playing around in the grass; chipmunks can cause some serious structural problems. They can also eat away at your garden, and turn a luscious lawn into a bare one in a timeframe you’ll struggle to believe.

Wildlife Removal Ottawa: How can I deal with chipmunks?

You can give us a call, for one. We will be more than happy to come down and handle the chipmunk invasion that you have, ensuring that you can get rid of the problem in a short space of time. They will tend to come down and eat up a lot of flower bulbs, flower seeds, vegetables and lawns. Over time, too, they will begin to cause structural damage and leave you with expensive problems to handle on garden sheds and even on your home; don’t let your chipmunk infestation fester!

Contact our team, and we can come out and begin to remove the chipmunks in a humane manner. We often use deterrents to try and get rid of them, and then turn to more significant barriers of exclusion. If this still does not work, then we will go down the extermination route to help put an end to the infestation.

As ever, make a call as soon as possible. Do not allow any chipmunk infestations to grow; over time, they will become a huge problem and cause more damage than one might expect. For a helping hand in handling this serious issue, contact us today. 

How to prepare for bed bugs treatment by Go! Pest Control.


*Don’t move any of your belongings to another home during or before the treatment unless you know they are not infested. You might spread bed bugs to another home or to your car or workplace in a backpack or box and then re‐infest your home after it has been treated. Move as few items as possible and have them checked for bed bugs (or heat them) before removing them.

*Wash all sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and other bedding in hot water. Place the items in a dryer set on the highest setting that won’t damage the items. Dry the items thoroughly and then place them in trash bags. Keep them separate from items that may be infested.

*Wash all clothing in hot water and then dry on the highest setting allowed for the clothing. Clothing that can’t be laundered and dried (including coats and jackets) can be dry‐cleaned or need to be inspected carefully. Do not place clothing in infested rooms/areas until treatment has been completed and the bed bugs have been eliminated.

*Place curtains, pillows, towels, stuffed animals, etc. in the dryer set on the highest setting that won’t damage the items for at least 30 minutes. Double bag these items immediately after drying.

*Carefully inspect all Items that cannot be washed: books, electronics, picture frames, plastic toys, etc. If insecticides are going to be used, place children’s toys into plastic bags or storage bins (only if they are bed bug free). If heat is used, Go! pest control company may want these items left in place so they are exposed to the heat treatment.

*Store cleaned and dried items in plastic bags until your home has been treated and the bed bugs eliminated.

*Vacuum and wash all floors. To prevent bed bugs from escaping, be sure to place the vacuum bag into a plastic bag before disposing of it.

*Buy Bed Bugs mattress covers and cover your mattresses and box springs with it, remove your mattresses and box springs off the bed frames.

*Remove any items 3 inches away from the walls.

How to get rid of Mice!

Know the Most Successful and Easiest Ways for Pest Control Ottawa Mice

You can be hacked off seeing your house populated by mice. House mouse is one of the most common rodents found in Canada. Generally, mice barge in homes during winter season as they need a shelter for warmth. These rodents tear down a lot of things such as furniture, but do you know mice can be a threat to your health? You can become victim to plague, Hantavirus, rat-bite fever and other fatal infections. If you’re really flustered by gnawing habits of rats and looking for effective ways for pest control Ottawa mice, Go! Pest Control can help you.

Tips for Mice Removal Ottawa by Go! Pest Control:

Eliminate entry ways to stop mice to invade your house

Don’t take mice lightly. Before any attempt for pest control Ottawa, you should examine your house completely to know does it have tiny holes and cracks on walls or floor. The most common entry of mice is utility pipes. Ensure all pipes are fixed properly. There’s no leakage. Don’t leave even a tiny space at threshold. Install sweeps on door exteriors and screen openings and vents in chimneys.

Use mouse traps to have a mice free home

A mouse trap is the fantastic way to combat mice. Use wooden traps if your house has moderate mice population. You can also use electronic and snap E mouse traps. Fixing the traps at a right place is the critical step. Find out their sleeping place and place the trap a few inches away. You can also place the trap behind the furniture as skittish mice usually dawdle around the furniture. If your house is turning into a shelter for mice, contact us. We encompass the brilliant staff that is expert in pest control Ottawa mice.

Sanitation is very important to stop mice intrude into your house

Cleaning is very important to ward off mice entering the house. Mice can survive on a few grams of food per day. If you house is accommodated with mice, you might be feeding them unintentionally. Eliminate residues and food crumbs fanned out all over the floor. A house with kids is more prone to mice as they waste food and throw crumbs everywhere. Vacuum your floor and throw your garage regularly.

Call mice exterminator Ottawa, ON for pest control Ottawa mice

You need a mice exterminator Ottawa if you’ve been trying to toss out them for more than a few weeks and all your efforts went in vain. GO! Pest Control is a professional mouse exterminator. Here are the reasons why you need to hire us.

We know all places where mice can hide. We will save you a lot of time in locating the places.

We are expert in baiting mice and know all their ways to dodge. We use the best bait tricks to finish all mice from your house.

We know all entry ways. We will seal up tightly all tiny holes and cracks in your walls. We will keep inspecting your house regularly and use different strategies unless your house becomes mice free.

So if you are annoyed with mice and want to turn out the rats, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on a toll-free number or leave a message. We will quickly solve the issue.

Cockroaches Removal Tips

Effective Tips for Cockroaches Removal Ottawa

Cockroaches are one of the most grotesque insects that are found everywhere and home is no exception. These insects normally thrive in warm environment and are nocturnal. It means they make a bolt for dark when exposed to light. Cockroaches are abominable and irritating insects as they can cause allergies and asthma. So it’s important to get rid of them. Here are the effective ways for cockroaches’ removal Ottawa.

Tips for Cockroaches Removal Ottawa

Don’t be sluggish to clean your home

Cleaning is very important to keep roaches at bay. Make sure your house is spotlessly clean. There are no food residues around on the floor. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink and wipe the sink properly before going to hit the hay. You should also clean the stove. Empty a drip pan of the refrigerator. Bathroom sanitation is a must. Cockroaches usually attract to damp areas. Don’t forget to wipe the floor after taking shower.

Eliminate water sources for cockroaches removal Ottawa

You can stay roaches away from your home if you’re successful to fix up all water issues. Leaky pipes and faucets are the most common problem that your house might have anytime. Ensure al faucets and pipes are fitted well. If you find any fault, get them overhauled immediately. Store wet dishrags in tight plastic containers and dangle them on a rope outside to dry. Don’t leave wet toothbrushes open. Put a cap on them.

Use bait strategies to get rid of them

Bait strategy is a superb way for pest control cockroaches Ottawa. This is considered the finest strategy as a roach that feeds on the poisonous bait can contaminate some other roaches as well by way of contact. This strategy knocks down several roaches and prevents their proliferation. Most bait is potential to finish them off, but you need to use it in a large amount as they are rapacious eaters and don’t leave it for others to feed.

Finding a perfect place for using the bait is a difficult task. Bait stations and gel bait should be used in cracks, crevices and other tiny holes that are residence of roaches, behind kitchen cabinets, under the sink, stove and bathroom fixtures, in corners, under railing and around drawers. The methods of bait should be rotated every few months to avoid bait resistance.

Call cockroaches exterminator Ottawa for pest control Ottawa cockroaches

If your house is under a threat to cockroaches infestations despite of cleaning and bait strategies, you should call an expert. Go! Pest Control is a reliable service renderer when it comes to cockroaches’ removal Ottawa. We encompass professional exterminators who use licensed pest control technicians for cockroaches’ removal. When you fail to produce the desired results, you should contact us because:

We know all holes, crevices and other places where cockroaches hide and breed. We will use gel bait and bait stations in a sufficient amount to kill them. We use the best and different bait strategies to put them to death. We block all their ways to abscond from the trap. We will seal up tightly all tiny holes and cracks in your walls after killing cockroaches.

We will keep inspecting your house regularly and use different strategies unless your house becomes cockroaches free.

If you want to get rid of roaches, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on a toll-free number or leave a message. We will quickly solve the issue.

Racoon removal Ottawa, ON

 Tips from Raccoons Exterminator Ottawa to Expel Raccoons

Finding a raccoon in the attic and under the deck can be daunting and frustrating. Once they find a shelter in your home, they will hunker down and damage your property. Raccoons are big in size and hence a bit complicated to expel them. You might need Raccoons Exterminator Ottawa. Here are certain ways that you can follow to get rid of raccoons.

Protect your refuse

One of the most important ways to stop entry of raccoons in your yard and house is not to throw garbage in the open cans. Get some solid metal trashcans, put the garbage into it properly and keep the lid down. Coons look for wasted food in garbage so don’t let the garbage container open.

Trap raccoons

Trapping is the best way to evict raccoon from your house. Raccoons are very strong. They are enough brilliant and crafty to escape from the trap. Most of the time, novices bring wrong traps and fail to catch raccoons. If you’re not expert to catch them, calling Raccoons Removal Ottawa is the best option. Go! Pest Control has wildlife removal specialists. We will use the right traps to catch raccoons.

Keep your yard clean and fodder free

Keep your garden and yard clean every day if you don’t want to draw coons’ attention. Raccoons eat everything such as fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, garbage and pet food. Sometimes they grab rats and squirrels. So if you have fruit plants in your garden, you have to be a bit careful. If ripen fruits fall down on ground, pick them up immediately. Clean up fallen fruits like berries, nuts and birdseeds.

Put up a fence to restrict the entry of coons

You can restrict the entry of raccoons by putting up fencing. However, it’ll be great enough if it’s an electronic fence as coons are great climbers. You can use fences around your gardens, shrubs and trees etc.

Call raccoons exterminator Ottawa

Wildlife evacuation from house can be a challenging task. You must need a professional. Go! Pest Control is one that encompasses experts who can expel coons from your house easily. If coons are in your attic, don’t forget to call the experts as there may be a female with kids. They may harm you, and if you intimidate the female and she leaves, you have to ensure that kids are also evicted because they may die of starvation that will eventually leave your house stinking badly. We are experts in dealing with coons smartly and ensure that your attic is empty.

If you are looking forward to using a cage trap for catching coons, consulting Go! Pest Control is a nice option. We know the right type of trap to catch them. We will also inspect all entry points in your house and give you suggestions to prevent coons’ entry. If you want to get rid of raccoons, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on a toll-free number or leave a message. We will quickly solve the issue.

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The Go! Pest Control™ Advantage

Are you looking for the most reliable pest control Ottawa can provide you with? Then you are in the right place! At GO! Pest Control, we appreciate the importance of providing pest and animal control solutions. An infestation of anything from rats to roaches can leave you with an irritating problem that becomes increasingly challenging to deal with the longer time goes on.

You will need to look for professional pest control professionals to help stop the infestation and also provide prevention services to stop it happening in future. At GO! Pest Control, we care about making sure the pest control solutions you need can be delivered right away. We deal with mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, raccoons and squirrels among other nasty pests that may have infested your home.

While most forms of pest today are adaptable to store-bought solutions, we go an extra step further. Using our knowledge of the creatures combined with professional expertise and the best equipment, we make dealing with pests a piece of cake. So, if you are sick of seeing critters crawling and rodents roaming in your property, give us a call today and we can arrange a comprehensive treatment plan for you right away!

With X years of expertise in handling this problem, we know better than most what solutions provide permanent results!

Why Choose Go! Pest Control Ottawa? 

Not only is out service variable in the extreme, it’s built to be suitable for every potential problem. With an analytical approach that allows us to help spot pest problems and solve them instantly, we make it easier than ever to find peace of mind. Pests are not only a problem for the quality of your home but they can become health concerns.

Many rodents, for example, carry disease and decay from other properties and this can put your safety in the household under question. Add in the fact that they can breed rapidly and what is a small infestation can turn into a massive problem overnight. This is why we look to provide a solid solution that takes action and delivers a clear, considered solution to the problem as soon as possible.

You have no reason to have to put up with an infestation. With our help, you can have the problem removed and deal with as soon as is possible. We use smart pesticide methodologies that will make sure that neither human or environment is harmed. This allows us to make sure that the solution provided is comprehensive without leaving any negative or lasting side-effects on your household when doing so.

So, if you want to help get the problem in your home dealt with, we are proven and experienced pest control specialists. With our team handling all across Ottawa, you can trust us to find the root cause and weed it out!

Safe Pest Control Solutions in Ottawa

We pride ourselves on being a business that provides solutions, not more problems. Through fast consultation and clear, open-ended questions we can make sure that we fully understand and appreciate the gravity of the problem that you face.

This is why we work tirelessly to provide a common solution that delivers time and time again. if you need a solution that arrive with full licensing and bonding, then you can rely upon our team to deliver the pest control solutions you need. Our solutions are simple, too; we make sure we never use any product we would not feel comfortable using at home!

We make sure that you can get a full inspection carried out, with every detail noted down so that we know exactly what we are dealing with. This helps us get the job underway and the pests out of your way ASAP. If you have any questions for our staff about the methods used or what progress is being made, you need only ask.

Our staff are friendly, honest and courteous people who will have no problems in helping you find a solution that is proven to get the job done. So, if you are sick of seeing critters and creatures roaming around the place, reducing its value and your quality of life, contact us today!

We’ll arrange a personal consultation once you call us on 613-366-2202. For the most reliable pest control Ottawa can offer, contact GO! Pest Control today; we’ll provide you with a full pricing estimate and a plan of action to help make your pest problems a thing of the past.

Pest Control Ottawa Rats


As comfortably the worst creature to find loitering in and around your home, the rat is a common problem that you will have to deal with as a home owner. If you have a rat problem, then you might wish to consider calling some assistance. As experts in rat extermination Ottawa home owners and businesses can rely upon Go! Pest Control to help cure the problem and do away with this issue at source.

Rats are often a source of major frustration for a home owner. Thanks to our ability to help find a solution, though, you can make light of what is often a terrifying situation.

Rat Removal Ottawa: Solving the Rat Problem

First and foremost, solving a rat problem means identifying the existence of a problem in the first place. To do that, we look to find the rat issue by paying attention to issues such as the presence of a rat. From looking at signs of structural damage to looking for signs of infestation or spreading of disease, we’ll make sure that a solution can be found ASAP.

Rats are a massive blight on society, and can often play a major role in the spread of disease. From helping to spread the infamous “Black Death” of the past to spreading bite-fever, rats are very dangerous. If you come across rats at home, then the time has come to do something about it.

We can show you the easiest way to do so, simply by helping to root out the problem in the first place. Rats are often found doing anything from gnawing on electrical wires to feeding on any food you have stored: they are pests, pure and simple.

Since they offer such a threat to your life, we recommend that you consider rat extermination solutions with Go! Pest Control. We can quickly and easily make sure that the problem can be corrected as soon as possible. With over a fifth of global food supplies ruined by rats, it’s important that you don’t take any prisoners

Pest Control Ottawa Rats : How Can We Help?

While we always look for a humane way when it comes to rat removal Ottawa home owners can trust we’ll solve the problem. Firstly, we’ll look to source where the infestation is coming from. From controlling the infestations to dealing with it using everything from taps to rodenticides, we find solutions that do the job you need: ending the infestation at source.

From making sure that your rat infestation cannot spread disease and contagion to other species to fending them off with repellents and fumigants, we’ll make sure rats spend far less time bothering your home.

Whatever the required solution, we’ll make sure that we can provide it. With our help and expertise, we’ll solve the problem immediately and leave you with a rat-free home. We’ll always look to control the situation first, followed by rat extermination if needed: let us know what you need, though, and we’ll do everything we can to assist.

Squirrel Removal Ottawa


As one of the most common problems that you can face at home, squirrels are more dangerous than they first appear. Squirrels often tend to be creatures that we associate with cuteness and kindness. As pest control experts in Ottawa, though, we have seen first-hand just how real the damage a squirrel can cause is!

Pest Control Ottawa: What Are Squirrels?

These are more than just little creatures. They are little animals that, in the wrong environment, can be more than a headache for you to deal with. While we can often deal with squirrels with ease using our expertise, Go! Pest Control wants to help you fully understand the threat that a squirrel may pose.

Squirrels most commonly appear around trees and public play areas. They like to hang around and get what they can from humans, taking food scraps and the like as often as they can to help feed them during lean months. They often also tend to try and find a way to get to your garbage and your left over food so that they can help themselves.

If you have a squirrel infestation, the worst thing you can do is choose to ignore it. With our help, you can get the assistance that you need to solve the problem once and for all.

Squirrel Removal Ottawa: How Can We Help?

As a proven expert in rodent removal Ottawa households and businesses can trust, we make what is often a challenging process so much simpler. Squirrels often tend to get access to your home on account of the fact that they come in through the attics. They will then nest in the attic, and before long you can have a little army of squirrels scurrying around trying to survive.

More rural Ottawa residents might find that squirrels start to break into their yards and fields. They will hunt and rifle around to try and find the best possible selection of food, and often won’t go anywhere unless you actually do something to discourage their appearance. With Go! Pest Control, you can get access to the kind of rodent removal Ottawa home owners need.

If you think that you might have squirrels staying at home, contact us today. We can come out and take a look, and make sure that you can get a proven solution to get those squirrels dealt with as soon as is possible.

We can easily help to control the squirrel situation, and work to put an end to their continual appearance. This can be a frustrating situation, so let us know and we can help you to solve the issue as soon as possible. The longer squirrels are left to settle in, the harder it can be to get them to move on.

So, to stop that, we recommend that you work with us. From electrical fencing to sealing off your attic, we can find a variety of solutions varying in severity to solve the issue. For more help with rodent removal Ottawa home owners and businesses should contact Go! Pest Control today.

Raccoon Removal Ottawa

Raccoons: Raccoon Removal Ottawa, ON | Wildlife Removal Ottawa | GO! Pest Control.

As one of the most common pests that you will likely come across in Ottawa, raccoons are commonplace. These comical little critters might not appear to be worth much concern, but at Go! Pest Control we’ve seen how much damage they can cause. Raccoons are master foragers and love to make nests – including in and around your home.

This can lead to a reduced quality of life, and may need you to invest in Ottawa raccoon removal. At Go! Pest Control we can help you to do that starting today with a comprehensive service built around getting those raccoons out of your home and making it a much easier, safer place to live.

Since they are very versatile creatures, raccoons can appear everywhere from urban areas to suburbia. They are very impressive creatures in that they are naturally quite curious, so it’s easy to find them loitering around and causing damage to your property.

If you are suffering with raccoons, then our Ottawa rodent removal service can help to lift the problem once and for all. just let us know what you are dealing with, and we can come around and take a look at the infestation you’ve got.

Rodent Removal Ottawa: Dealing with Raccoons

As mentioned, at Go! Pest Control we are specialists in the kind of pest control Ottawa homes and businesses may need. We know how hard it is to get your rodents dealt with, and can easily find the solution to make sure your rodent issue can become a thing of the past.

Usually weighing anything from 7-30 pounds, a raccoon can show up at just about any point. Their unique look – the large lack circles around the eyes in particular – makes the raccoon an easy rodent to spot. Usually seen with grey or brown fur, too they are very specific looking and should be the kind of creature that you can notice without too much issue.

Usually, a raccoon can break into your property and start to do damage to the landscape. As they look for food and try to forage some source of survival, they’ll eat anything from your vegetables and crops to anything they can get their hands on. They are excellent diggers, too, so they could cause some kind of structural issues by digging too deep and causing problems that way.

Pest Control Ottawa: Let’s Solve Your Raccoon Infestation

They are also carriers of disease, and often spread contagion throughout the area with their unsanitary ways. If you are suffering with raccoons and would like to undergo pest control Ottawa residents can contact Go! Pest Control.

We will take a swing by and evaluate the damage done to help better understand what kind of damage the raccoons have caused. Then, we will lay out a clear plan of action to help control and deal with the animals as soon as we can.

From helping to control their feeding habits to force them to go elsewhere to forcing them to move on with removal teams, we will find a solution to your raccoon infestation.